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photo_about_1.jpgMy love affair with the Bouvier des Flandres started in 1979 when I acquired my first Bouvier bitch from a German couple that I knew and visited frequently at the time.

Her name was "Casandra" but unfortunately she was stolen out of my garden when she was 8 months old - and after months of searching - she was never seen again.

I acquired my second Bouvier bitch in 1985 when my eldest son was eight months old and she was 8 weeks old - her name was A'Bijoux.

A couple of months later I was looking through the newspaper when I came across an advert where someone was looking for a home for an 18 month old male Bouvier.

To cut a long story short, I telephoned and acquired their address and I went the very next day and collected "Casper" - who had gained an unfavourable reputation with his previous owners of being an aggressive and uncontrollable dog. At this time most people thought I had lost my mind with me wanting to adopt this so-called "aggressive" dog and the fact that I had a very young child who was not even walking yet.

The night I went to collect Casper was a cold and rainy night. When I arrived at the address to collect him - there was no-one at home - just the domestic helper with a note from the owners apologizing that they could not be there but I could just load up the dog and take him away if I wanted him.

From the moment I brought Casper into my home until the day I put him down in 1997 from old-age at 12 years old - I never, ever experienced one moment of aggression with this dog. In fact I witnessed more acts of bravery and love from this dog than I ever thought I would be blessed enough to ever experience. He made it his life's work to protect me and by this stage my 2 young children. Casper will ALWAYS be remembered in the very deepest corner of my heart and he will always be my FIRST BOUVIER HERO.

In the meantime A'Bijoux - now 4 years old, developed a cancerous tumor which had attached itself to her heart. We had her operated on and the tumor removed and for almost a year after the operation she seemed to be recovering well - then suddenly one day she became very ill again and on further investigation the Vet informed me that her liver had collapsed and I decided that it was time to let her go - there was no use in prolonging her suffering - so after many tears and heartache in 1990 I had no choice but to put her to sleep. There was nothing else that could be done to give her a quality life any longer.

photo_about_2.jpgIt was not until 2003 that we acquired our next Bouvier bitch "Orca". A year later we acquired "Serene". Since then our Bouvier family has grown from 2 to 7. In 2005 we imported a male from Kennel av Asvidr in Norway and in 2006 we imported 2 females from Kennel v.d. Vanenblikhoeve in Holland.

Our dogs are from World Winning Champion bloodlines and we have puppies available from time to time to "approved homes". All our puppies are innoculated and dewormed and given a full bill of health before leaving our kennel.


See : The Campaign Against the Docking of Dogs' Tails

Have fun at and contact us if you would like to find out more about current and future litters.

--- Sharon ---


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